Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirators



Ultrasonic Surgical Device

Sonoca 400, an ultrasonic dissector by Söring GmbH Medizintechnik (Quickborn, Germany) is an ideal partner in many situations, for selective dissection, cutting and coagulation with ultrasonic scissors and hooks as well as for the Wound Treatment. The unit is also suitable for conventional and ultrasound-assisted liposuction. Handpieces tailored to the respective indication complement the system.. Ultrasonic handpieces as well as ultrasonic scissors and hooks can be connected for cutting and coagulating to the unit. Works simultaneously with integrated aspiration and irrigation. Multifunction unit which is suitable for almost any discipline. In conjunction with the HF unit MBC 601 UAM and with appropriate handpieces, tissue dissection with simultaneous haemostasis is possible.

Product Features

  • 3 working frequencies in one compact unit
  • Controlled tissue dissection (25 / 35 kHz) while preserving nerves, blood vessels and collagen structures
  • Cutting and coagulation effects (55 kHz) on the tissue with special ultrasonic instruments
  • Unit works simultaneously with integrated aspiration and irrigation
  • The "SONOCA®" is processor-controlled and features and automatic instrument detection with automatic preselection of power parameters