Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirators



Ultrasonic Surgical Device

Sonoca 185, the ultrasonic aspirator from Soering is for wound debridement and wound cleansing. It distinguishes between necrotic and healthy tissues and removes them without any damage to the healthy tissues. It is indicated for chronic wound treatment and wound cleansing. Ultrasonic assisted wound treatment by Sonoca 185 is primarily based on the cavitation effect generated by low-frequency ultrasound. During the process, the ultrasound distinguishes between necrotic and healthy tissue. Necroses, damaged tissue and even biofilm formations are removed without any damage occurring to the healthy tissue.

Product Features

  • Compact device with 25 kHz working frequency
  • Application in Ultrasonic-Assisted Wound Debridement
  • The device works with an integrated irrigation pump
  • The Sonoca is processor-controlled and features automatic instrument detection with automatic preselection of the performance parameters