Slit Lamp Simulator

Eyesi Slit Lamp is a high-end diagnostic training system for ophthalmologists and optometrists. Its virtual reality technology is integrated into the original hardware of the BQ 900 slit lamp model from Haag-Streit Diagnostics. Trainees can examine virtual patients with the biomicroscope, fundoscopy lens, or gonioscopy lens.* Eyesi Slit Lamp simulates all functions of a real slit lamp. The highly realistic simulation of the visualization of intraocular structures in real-time provides a close-to-life training experience.

Product Features

  • Eyesi Slit Lamp provides the same controls and degrees of freedom as the BQ 900 slit lamp, such as rotation and three-axis position of illumination and observation system, slit width and length, inclination and rotation of the slit beam, and filters. As trainees look into the microscope, they see exactly what they would expect to see if there was a real patient sitting in front of them. This immersive training experience makes the transition to examining patients with a real slit lamp as easy as can be.
  • Eyesi Slit Lamp comes with a didactically structured curriculum for self-guided learning. The curriculum consists of four tiers, which focus on different key aspects of slit lamp examinations. The beginners’ courses allow trainees to become acquainted with slit lamp handling and illumination techniques. The advanced courses introduce a wide range of clinical pictures and standard grading systems. Trainees proceed through the curriculum by completing the courses of a tier successively. Introductory medical online courses available on the VRmNet web portal are intertwined with the simulator curriculum and complement the practical training.
  • Eyesi Slit Lamp provides both trainees and educators with an objective performance assessment. Guidance elements and immediate feedback after each case help trainees to improve their skills systematically. Scored parameters include the light exposure and the accuracy of found clinical signs. Required minimum scores ensure that trainees meet a standard skill level. By providing comprehensive training reports, Eyesi Direct also allows educators to assess their students’ skill acquisition.