Electrophysiology Test Unit for ERG, VEP and EOG


RETI-port/scan 21 beta plus

Electrophysiology Test Unit for ERG , VEP and EOG

Electrophysiogoly Test is used for Pattern VEP + Pattern ERG + Flash VEP stimulation and mfVEP stimulation and EOG. All ISCEV standards and guidelines are included. The Roland RETI-port/scan 21 unit includes the simulator units and the data recording and analyzing system. Electrophysiology is an Electric Potential Generated by Retina in Response to Brief Stimulus of Light. This is The Only Objective Functional Test for Eye. All units are ISO and CE certified.

Product Features

  • All programs – ERG, VEP, EOG, mfERG according to the ISCEV standard
  • Possibility to create own programs
  • Possibility to measure the pupil size automatically and adjust the stimulus parameter accordingly – ERG, EOG, mfERG
  • For children, special images are available on the stimulator monitor
  • Artifact adjustment as absolute or relative values (absolute and also in %)
  • Automatically analyse with placing the marker during the examination
  • It should have facility to display typical curves in each program
  • PatternVEP and PatternERG can also be tested simultaneously
  • Display of even and odd Averager results with calculation of the correlation factor
  • Eye Fixation Camera for patient monitoring during mfERG, PVEP and PERG examination
  • Upgradable to :

-  Objective Visual Acuity Test with VEP
-  ERG S Cone, ERG – Photopic negative response, ERG – ON-OFF
-  Early Glaucoma Screening Test, Functional with PERG
-  Advanced Glaucoma follow-up, Functional with contrast Flicker Test
-  mfVEP