Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Surgical Instruments

Includes Endoscopes, Irrigation Pumps, Insufflators; Hysteroscopy Instruments like Medical Hysteroscopes, Diagnostic CO2 Hysteroscope, Obturators, Sheaths, Albarran Deflectors, Forceps, Scissors, Flexible Diathermy loops, flexible electrodes, button electrodes, needle electrodes, loop electrodes, HF Monopolar Connecting cables, Hysteroscopy basic set. Resectoscopy Instruments like Resectoscopes, Obturators, Electrodes, Working elements, Optical Forceps & Scissors, HF monopolar Connecting Cables. Miscellaneous Instruments like Uterus Manipulator, Tenaculum Forceps, Uterne probes, Cervix adaptor, Biopsy curettes, Endospecula, Metal Catheters. Accessories like tubing connectors, sterilisation & storage accessories, Maintenance products.

Product Features
    • Hysteroscopes are more versatile: various sizes and combinations for various procedures
    • tear drop shape of the sheath for less trauma
    • more safety due to RCS (Rudolf Click System)
    • RCS (Rudolf click system) guarantees a safe and reliable handling
    • RCS saves time and costs due to the numerous combination possibilities
    • RUDOLF MEDICAL resectoscope sheaths have an oblique distal tip allowing a clear view of the operating field.
    • These sheaths resist the high temperatures during autoclaving.
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