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Meridian Cranial Perforators

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MeridianTM – a new cranial perforator for burr hole trepanation from adeor medical technologies. Available assterile, single-use version as well as take-apart reusable version. Both versions offer a manufacturing standard second to none, resulting in an unmatched cutting efficiency. The unique head profile of the MeridianTM perforator range minimizes the risk of accidental cutting of the dura, thereby vastly increasing the safety of the procedure.

Product Features

  • Safe release mechanism
  • Forms Dura protecting bone pad
  • Suitable for even and uneven bone
  • Unmatched sharpness
  • Universal Hudson fitting
  • Durable cutting efficiency
  • Start & stop when needed
  • Restarts after stopping
  • Safe non-skid start
  • Available in three most common used sizes
  • Easy detachable - no keys needed (multi-use)
  • Easily and fast reprocessing (multi-use)
  • Adult and pediatric versions (single-use)