Integre Pro Scan

Whether positioning focal treatment in the macular area, or performing PRP in the periphery, Integre Pro Scan™ provides a comprehensive pattern and wavelength choice to cover all retinal pathologies.

With Integre Pro Scan™, the following wavelength configurations are available:
Yellow-red configuration (561 nm and 670 nm)
Green-red configuration (532 nm and 670 nm)
Green configuration (532 nm)
Yellow configuration (561 nm)

Product Features

  • Its proprietary dual-mode laser cavity delivers uniform energy distribution across the full spot diameter, eliminating hotspots and achieving optimal, homogenous burns. It’s a key feature that means you can achieve consistent, predictable treatment outcomes across a broad range of pathologies.  
  • Integre Pro Scan’s enhanced True Spot™ optical system allows you a clearer view of the fundus. When it’s combined with an optimal red-reflex, it’s a solution that enables you to titrate power levels precisely to deliver highly accurate treatment.
  • Choose Integre Pro Scan™ and you’ll not only benefit from state-of-the-art technology, you’ll also enjoy using a highly intuitive tablet and all-in-one laser/slit lamp interface that’s been designed exactly with your needs in mind — and that will enable you to treat patients up to twice as quickly than is possible with conventional single-spot photocoagulation.