Confocal Microscopy


HrT3 rcm

HRT3 RCM is a compact ophthalmic device that uses confocal scanning laser microscopy to provide high-resolution images of the cornea and external ocular structures. Navigate through the cornea at the cellular level and select your preferred scanning depth for a comprehensive in vivo assessment of all corneal layers - from epithelium to endothelium, including the quantitative assessment of endothelial cells.

Product Features

  • Acquire high-resolution en face images of corneal cells and structures for a confident diagnosis and follow-up of corneal diseases and dystrophies.
  • Investigate the conjunctiva, the limbus, the eye lid, or meibomian glands to assess pathologies that effect these external ocular structures.
  • Assess corneal nerves at a microscopic level.
  • Combine the diagnostic information of HRT3 RCM with other Heidelberg Engineering devices, using the speed and security of HEIDELBERG EYE EXPLORER HEYEX 2 image management.