Two-in-one Perimeter

The Heidelberg Edge Perimeter (HEP) uses preferential testing of the magno-cellular system to enable early detection of functional loss and disease progression. Most commonly used visual field tests are broadband in nature and provide a general evaluation of visual function. But selective testing of the visual pathway enables the earlier detection of damage. HEP can selectively test the magno-cellular pathway for detection of early functional loss, whether such loss is selective or not. The Heidelberg Edge Perimeter (HEP) performs innovative functional testing of the visual system. Not only Standard Automated Perimetry (SAP), but also a NEW early detection test – Flicker-Defined Form.

Product Features
    • Flicker Defined Form (FDF) – which generates an illusory “edge” contour
    • HEP visual field results join OHTS-proven HRT structural analysis
    • Flicker defined form testing.
    • Structure & function analysis when combined with the HRT
    • Test in normal room lighting
    • Constant fixation monitoring
    • Real time display of reliability parameters
    • Standard automatic perimetry tests (40dB to 12dB sensitivity range)
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