Finevison IOLs

First Diffractive Trifocal optic

The FineVision optic combines two diffractive structures that are adjusted to offer the +3.5D addition for Near vision and +1.75D addition for Intermediate vision. It is designed so as to reduce the loss of light energy resulting from any diffractive system. This energy gain results in a significantly improved performance for Intermediate vision while maintaining the performance for Far and Near vision.

Product Features

  • Optic: Aspheric trifocal diffractive
  • Material: 25% hydrophilic acrylic
  • Filtration: UV and blue light blocker
  • Optic body diameter: 6.15mm
  • Overall diameter: 10.75mm
  •  Angulation: 5°
  • Power: from +10D to +35D (0.5D steps)