Compact device for cataract and vitreoretinal surgery

faros is the result of continuous adjustment to the real needs of modern eye surgery and is designed with the desire to make this cutting-edge surgery available to everyone everywhere. faros is slim and light and has a footprint of only 55x55cm. You choose whether to use it as simply a phaco device or as a combined device for anterior and posterior segment surgery (with 5000 cuts/min). No other operation platform for anterior and posterior segment surgery offers anything comparable to faros' cutting-edge functionality, performance and reliability, coupled with its unique compactness and simplicity when operating. Upgrading is possible at any time.

Product Features
    • Total weight of 35.8 kilograms distributed between the device (31,5kg) and the pedal (4.3 kg).
    • The lights have a starting time, less than its competition, 10 seconds .
    • Needs an electrical connection between 100 and 240 volts.
    • Has a pressure sensor consisting of a closed system that guarantees hygiene and eliminates the risk of contamination .
    • Dual linear pedal controls the flow that is ideal for work in the retina.
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