Eye Cubed

Premier diagnostic ultrasound

The Eye Cubed features real-time imaging, advanced movie mode using the fastest sampling rate available, and internal memory for storing scans – all of which advance and improve your diagnostic capabilities. Offering superior image clarity and unparalleled image resolution, the Eye Cubed enables thorough pre-operative and postoperative assessment of ocular anatomy – essential in optimizing premium IOL outcomes.

Product Features

  • Customized Configuration: customized configuration of A-Scan and B-Scan modes ensures that the Eye Cubed meets all of your needs for both the posterior and anterior segments.
  • Highest Signal-to-Noise Ratio: the unique amplifier and probe design of the Eye Cubed provides for the industry's highest signal-to-noise ratio, delivering substantially more ultrasonic data per second than any other system. Because noise is reduced to a minimum, details of even the finest ocular structures become visible.
  • Advanced Movie Technology: the Eye Cubed's advanced movie technology greatly improves the diagnostic capability and speed of each exam, allowing you to capture up to 20-second movies.
  • High-Speed Imaging: with an image acquisition rate of up to 25 frames-per second, the Eye Cubed provides the fastest image sampling rate available in order to create a real-time view of detailed ocular activity.
  • NEW 40MHz UBM Wide Field Anterior Segment B-Scan Mode: with the recent introduction of the Eye Cubed's 40 MHz UBM mode, anterior structures such as the cornea, iris, ciliary body, crystalline and intraocular lens can be viewed more clearly than ever before.