Direct Simulator

The Eyesi Direct Ophthalmoscope simulator offers an innovative way of teaching direct ophthalmoscopy. Eyesi Direct is handled the same way as its real counterpart. Students can examine virtual patients of varying ages and ethnicity. The simulator comes with a didactically structured curriculum, which has been designed to teach recognition of the most common pathologies within only a few hours.

Eyesi Direct is available in English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

Product Features

  • Eyesi Direct provides a close-to-life training of device handling by mimicking all features of a real direct ophthalmoscope. The simulator features a patient model head and an ophthalmoscope hand piece that looks and feels just like a real ophthalmoscope. The touch screen displays the user interface with patient information, examination settings menu and a live view of the examination.
  • Eyesi Direct offers a standardized curriculum for self-guided training of large classes. The case database of the simulator contains a selection of clinically relevant variations of the retina. After consecutively completing all courses, trainees possess a defined level of knowledge and can recognize pathological findings.
  • Eyesi Direct provides both trainees and educators with an objective performance assessment. Guidance elements and immediate feedback after each case help trainees to systematically improve their skills. Scored parameters include the percentage of retina examined, light exposure, completeness of pathological signs found, and the accuracy of the diagnosis. Required minimum scores ensure that trainees meet a standard skill level. By providing comprehensive training reports, Eyesi Direct also allows educators to assess their students’ skill acquisition.