Catarhex easy

Ultraportable Device for Cataract Surgery

CataRhex®easy employs components and design concepts proven under harsh conditions in hundred thousands of surgeries every year in India. CataRhex®easy masters 2.2 mm and 1.6 mm incision sizes too, thus making you ready for the implantation of future premium IOLs. With CataRhex®easy you can reduce the incision to 2.8 mm - 3.2 mm, a size which is perfectly astigmatism neutral when done scleral.

Product Features
    • Peristaltic pump
    • Tubing system with integrated closed sensor
    • 3 program memories with DirectAccess®
    • easyPhaco® function for 1.6, 2.2 and 2.8 mm
    • Control panel with glass covering,
    • luminous display and keys
    • Linear multifunctional pedal
    • Electrically driven SUS guillotine cutter
    • 20G, 23G
    • Linear 30 to 1200 cuts/min
    • 2 memories with DirectAccess®
    • Endo- and macro diathermy
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