Cameras MKC 210HD

Medical Grade Electronics

The MKC 210HD employs a 2.2 Megapixel 1/3 inch CMOS sensor to provide 900 lines of high resolution video image, high S/N ratio of 50dB and high sensitivity of F7/2000lux. Ultra Compact Camera-Head: W31xH31xD36mm. Excellent Operability for Use in the Medical Field. Video signalling processing is done in the same signal process as Ikegamis broadcast cameras to constantly achieve the same level of quality and reliabilty.

Product Features
    • Ultra Compact Camera-Head
    • High Resolution and High Sensitivity
    • Digital Processing
    • Various Types of Video Signal Outputs
    • Automatic Electronic Shutter System (Shutter Iris)
    • Automatic Iris Control
    • Pressing the Freeze button on the CCU panel will hold the current image.
    • 4 scene files are provided to keep pre-set memories for functions and controls.
    • Electronic Zoom Function
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