Aneurysm Clip Systems


Perneckzy Clip 2 (Aneurysm Clip Systems)

The Perneczky Aneurysm Clip System is an invention of Dieter von Zeppelin and has been developed in close cooperation with the leading German neurosurgeon Axel Perneczky (†). It became a milestone in Aneurysm Clips usage. Now, a new chapter has begun with the launch of the Perneczky Clip 2. While remaining true to the principle of the first Perneczky Aneurysm Clip system, the Perneczky Clip 2 offers several distinct advantages and makes procedures even more user-friendly and safe.

Product Features

  • Clip instrument grasps the clip on the inside
  • Has smaller external dimensions than the clip itself
  • Very easy and user friendly clip insertion to the instrument (from any angle)
  • Multi-angle clip application for maximum flexibility in challenging anatomies
  • No need for separate remover instruments
  • Color Coding System facilitates the clip selection and identification process
  • 30% reduced clip body length
  • Atraumatic Jaw profile
  • Made of alloyed Titanium acc. to ISO 5832-3.