Bipolar Forceps


Söring NON-STICK bipolar forceps

Söring NON-STICK bipolar forceps offer multiple options during a surgical procedure. No matter if delicate, precise pinpoint coagulation or rapid surface coagulation is required - the forceps excel by a unique NON-STICK effect without adhesion. The tip is made of solid sterling silver plus an additional gold coating for a permanent NON-STICK effect over the complete product life time. Thanks to its bayonet shape they are specifically suited for neurosurgery and spine surgery even for applications under the operating microscope. Available in a large variety of models they are an indispensable support during every day surgical procedures.

Product Features

  • Solid sterling silver tip for life-long unique NON-STICK effect
  • Excellent thermal conductibility
  • Highly ergonomic design
  • Bayonet-shaped for an excellent visibility of the operating field