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HRT3 RCM - Images that Empower

HRT3 RCM - Images that Empower

  • 24-Jun-2020

HRT3 RCM In vivo corneal confocal microscope HRT3 RCM is a compact ophthalmic device that uses confocal scanning laser microscopy to provide high-resolution images of the cornea and external ocular structures, such as the conjunctiva or the limbus.

Scanning the cornea with a field of view of up to 400 x 400 μm, HRT3 RCM allows you to acquire unique en face images of corneal cells and structures, identify keratocytes subpopulations, and visualize details of the corneal subbasal nerve plexus.

Navigate through the cornea at the cellular level and select your preferred scanning depth for a comprehensive in vivo assessment of all corneal layers – from epithelium to endothelium.

The comprehensive assessment of the cornea and other external ocular structures with HRT3 RCM can aid you in the diagnosis and monitoring of corneal abnormalities, pre- and post-surgery evaluation, the assessment of dry eye disease, or in the analysis of corneal nerve structure in diabetic patients.