Neuro-endoscopic tower

Rigid Endoscope Systems

Includes - Camera Control; Camera Head; Coupler with C-Mount, for all RUDOLF Medical Cameras; LED Light Source; Xenon Light Source; Cold Light Cables / HTT Cables; Fittings for Cold Light Cables;CO2 Insufflator High Flow ;CO2 Insufflator ;CO2 Insufflator ;Urology Pump ;Hysteroscopy Irrigation Pump ;Laparoscopy Pump ;Arthroscopy Pump; Suction and Irrigation Pump, Purgator; Mobile Equipment Trolleys; Electrical Extension Kit; Accessories for Mobile Equipment Trolleys; Digital Video Documentation System; Medical Display Monitors; Overview Monitors; Monitor 19", ;Monitor 24";Monitor 26",;Monitor 32";Monitor 27", Multi-Touch-Screen; Wireless Transmission; Signal Conditoner

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