Catarhex 3

Portable phaco device for cataract surgery

CataRhex 3® is the third generation of a highly reliable quality cataract device which proves that size does not matter. CataRhex 3® is a successor of SwissTech has been built, akin to all the Oertli product line, with the effort of incorporating Oertli main principles: functionality, reliability, and simplicity. CataRhex 3® is so easy to operate that very little training is needed. Thanks to the multifunctional pedal, less assistance is required. The fantastic pump system makes operating faster and the stability of the fluidics system makes bottle height adjustments superfluous.

Product Features
    • It is the third generation of the family CataRhex in which was invested 15 years of research.
    • CatarRhex 3 is the programming capacity for 20 different surgeons
    • The weighing 5kg, make it a perfectly portable device that provides additional comfort while greater mobility and flexibility.
    • CatarRhex 3 has a single boot time. In just five seconds the device is ready for use.
    • Cortex Mode provides accuracy and effectiveness without comparisons for cortical removal and cleaning of the capsule.
    • Works seamlessly in any environment with voltages from 100-240 volts.
    • Fluid of CataRhex 3 is the secret of their accuracy and power for the (I / A), the easy-Phaco and vitrectomy.
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