Cameras MKC 230HD

Medical Grade Electronics

The main feature of MKC-230HD is to process the image signals with 1080p native progressive and to output 3G HD-SDI 1080p signals. It should contribute to supply the better image quality with the advanced image processing. Full HDTV 1/3-inch 3CMOS Sensors Provides 1000 TV lines of high definition video images, coupled with High Sensitivity performance of F10/2000lux providing the optimal video quality required for high-end medical video systems.

Product Features
    • Compact Camera Head
    • High Resolution / High Sensitivity
    • Digital Processing
    • A Variety of video output
    • Automatic Electronic Shutter System (Shutter Iris)
    • Accurate iris control is possible with Auto-iris camera adaptors and Auto-iris lenses.
    • Pressing the Freeze button on the CCU panel will hold the current image.
    • 4 scene files are provided to keep pre-set memories for functions and controls.
    • Flip and Turn Function
    • Digital zoom Function
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