C2 Nerve Monitor

Intra-Operative Monitoring

The C2 NerveMonitor is the result of inomed’s years of experience in the field of nerve monitoring. It is available as a four or eight channel EMG monitor with high performance differential amplifiers and two independent stimulators: one for direct nerve stimulation with hand held probes and one for continuous monitoring e.g. with the V3 vagus electrode. It combines simplicity with visual feedback. All components of the device have been optimised for safe neuromonitoring in order to achieve the highest quality of signal and feedback. A sound compressor ensures good acoustic reproduction of the EMG signal over a speaker. Visual feedback is given via a graphical representation of the muscle response signal.

Product Features
    • Patient Management and Bar Code Scanner
    • Tree USB ports: one on the side and two on the rear
    • Optional connection of two inomed USB modules possible
    • Mute sensor for suppression of coagulation artefacts
    • VGA outlet for connection of a second monitor
    • Network connection with 100 MBit LAN/Ethernet
    • 4 x Trigger In / 4 x Trigger Out (programmable)
    • Up to eight EMG curves can be shown simultaneously on the display
    • Applications: thyroid, ENT, Facial nrve & parotid surgery, Acoustic neuroma, Spine surgery etc
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