Valon 5G


The Valon 5G photocoagulator is compact in size, easy to move and designed to fit the needs and budget of all kinds of clinics while maintaining all Valon’s unique technical features. 5G includes all the features of previous models and can be fitted to a wide range of slit lamps, both existing and new. Additionally, the design allows add on of LIO and endoprobes. Choice of slit lamp (Haag-Streit BM/BQ, Keeler Symphony or CSO 990SL) is installed and calibrated by our professionals.

Product Features
    • Dedicated adapters ensure excellent retina illumination without the need for calibration.
    • The simple touch screen provides fast overview of settings and pattern selection.
    • Proprietary Smart Wheel controller makes operating the Valon laser fast and easy.
    • Unique information projection, a feature patented by Valon combined with the Smart Wheel provides complete control of variable values without removing eyes from the oculars. During the treatment the system projects on the retina all customary settings such as laser power, pattern selection, size and rotation.
    • With Valon recommended settings, the laser energy can be accurately titrated achieving sufficient therapeutic effect with minimal collateral damage
    • The 532 nm laser (green) is the best option for precisely and effectively treating retinal changes caused by diabetic retinopathy.
    • The Valon method of photocoagulation makes a full PRP faster than ever thought possible.
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