Green Laser Photocoagulator

The Solitaire™ is a full-featured, solid-state green laser system that is portable and versatile for use in both operating rooms and clinics. The Solitaire incorporates a true continuous wave laser beam and active light regulation that ensures consistent energy is delivered throughout the selected exposure time. It can be configured with dual fiber ports that allow two delivery systems to be connected at the same time, as well as three memory options to store frequently used procedure settings.

Product Features
    • Easy, Recall and Fast Set-Up: the Solitaire features a programmable procedure memory that allows you to pre-set and store three different sets of parameters, which are quickly and easily accessed from the front panel of the system.
    • True Spot Optics: the Solitaire’s True Spot optical system ensures that you are able to work with a uniform, sharp-edged, top-hat beam on the retina with the comfort of low power density at the cornea.
    • Switch While Staying Connected: optional dual fiber ports allow you to easily switch between two delivery systems without disconnecting and connecting fibers to the laser console.
    • Superior Energy Distribution: the Solitaire delivers even energy across the full diameter of the spot, from the beginning to the end of exposure, without creating hot spots.
    • Solitaire Solution: the Solitaire Solution package combines the Solitaire with a wide range of industry-standard delivery systems and accessories configured to meet the widest variety of patient needs and to optimize practice efficiency.
    • 30XL Retina Slit Lamp: designed for use with the Solitaire, the 30XL slit lamp combines a unique 10-degree convergence angle of viewing paths with high-resolution optics to create better depth perception and superior peripheral retina viewing.
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