The Navilas® photocoagulation system is a unique technology that combines color fundus photography, FA, and IR imaging with a target locked frequency-doubled solid-state laser (wavelength 532 nm & 577). Navilas ® is a fundus camera-based laser system as opposed to the conventional slit lamp-based laser systems. In the Navilas ® approach, real-time high-resolution images of the retina are obtained with an eye-tracking system at a rate of 25 images/s.

Product Features
    • Computer-based laser treatment planning: Treatment with the Navilas ® system does not require consultation of a printed FA image, and the physician does not have to remember precisely the targeted areas since they have been already planned.
    • Safety/eye-tracking: The navigated laser also features an eye-tracking system during laser treatment to minimize inadvertent laser applications, especially near the fovea.
    • Accuracy: Navilas ® achieves a microaneurysm target rate of 92% compared to 72% for the conventional laser group.
    • Multimodal image integration: The navigated Navilas ® system also has the unique capability to import and save multimodal images taken with other instruments, such as fundus autofluorescence, optical coherence tomography (OCT) retinal thickness maps, and indocyanine green (ICG) angiography images.
    • Treatment ease: The Navilas ® system provides live fundus view on the computer screen during laser treatment, which avoids loss of orientation on the fundus of the patient due to inverted and reversed images.
    • Efficient panretinal photocoagulation (PRP): PASCAL laser significantly improved the patient comfort with much faster laser application for PRP compared to conventional laser.
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