Microscan Visum 500

Excimer Technology Laser System

Microscan Visum is ophthalmological excimer laser system of the new generation. Advantages of the new system: Quick and precise operations, Reliable tracking system, Complete aberrometer compatibility, Complete keratotopographer compatibility, Femto-second laser system compatibility, Long-term stability, Ergonomic design

Product Features
    • Applications
    1. LASIK 
    2. Epi-LASIK 
    3. Femto-LASIK 
    4. PRK, trans-epithelial PRK 
    5. PTK 
    6. Wave-front guided operations 
    7. Topography data guided operations 
    • Indications:
    1. Myopia and myopic astigmatism  
    2. Hyperopia and hyperopic astigmatism 
    3. Mixed astigmatism 
    4. Presbyopia 
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